Event Organizers

Event Organizers

Linking the World Through Events to Bring Happier Times
Welcome to Klublinks. Here is the cutting edge of your one stop platform to where and what's happening in international events. Klublinks in a full service, global print and digital directory, news and livestream that gives you a live view into events.
What We Do for Event Organizers

In Minutes Create and Customize Digital & Print Tickets to Sell. Its Simple. It doesn't matter if you sell 10 or 10,000 tickets for your event.

Creatively & Strategically Generating & Securing Funding through Partnerships, Sponsorships, In-kind Donations, and more

Overseeing all logistics & administrative details leading up, during and after an event to obtain success.

Planning, design and implementation of event including coordinating & negotiating for the event to ascertain goals.

Let Our Trained & Experienced Promotional Team Carefully Plan & Execute your Event or Business to Targeted Audiences Globally

Strategically identifying, assessing and acquiring new skilled and competent employees to recognizing requirements fort the events.

Strategic fulfilling full service bookings of great talent including of musicians, speakers, hosts, engineers & more for a prosperous event

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Unique Live Streaming Platform Utilizing High Technology Making it possible for Event or Venue Generate Higher Revenues.

Customized & Creative Website &/or App Representing your Event or Establishment that will also Generate Multiple Streams of Revenue

Build the Brand & Patron Loyalty of your Event for Long-Term Success with Customized Merchandise.

Standout with Effective & High Quality Graphic Designs from Logos, Tshirts, Flyers, Banners and more.

Assess & Acquire the most superior venue. Coordinating & Implement all logistics to accommodate the requirements.

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Who We Are A Team of Event Experts
Klublinks guides, informs and utilizes technology to assist each of us in selecting which event is going to provide you a memorable experience. We cover all events from sports, night clubs, concerts, festivals, conferences, workshops, theatre, dance, comedy, benefits, art, attractions, and more. Klublinkz we specialize in offering Event Organizers complete services such as event planning, management, promotions, graphics and more.


Absolute Integrity

Strategic Planning & Innovation

Project Resilient

Events that can change the world.
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