Equator initially focuses on hospitality

<div>Equator initially focuses on hospitality</div>
<div>Equator initially focuses on hospitality</div>

Equator initially focuses on hospitality

SINGAPORE, 24 October 2023: Singapore-based online travel company, Travel Trade Marketplace launches Equator marketplace, a sales platform which integrates the B2B and D2C* business models.

Described as a marketplace for the tourism sector, companies can buy and sell on a single platform, with the sellers maintaining complete control over segment pricing and customer engagement based on a low transaction fee.

Founder & CEO Fred Seow

Its initial release lets accommodation operators promote rooms and F&B to pre-qualified customers from different industries and business segments. 

Equator’s major shareholder, Chan Brothers International’s Anthony Chan, also Group MD of Chan Brothers Travel, commented: “We are delighted to be part of this revolutionary model, not just as a stakeholder but as a user of Equator’s distribution system. It provides ready-to-market products at unmarked B2B prices from operators. We can ensure the best pricing for our customers and expand our relationship with travel operators.”

Founder & CEO Fred Seow added: “We will also launch our first industry-wide initiative, the Tourism ID staff programme. All personnel in tourism, especially the many behind the scenes, can enjoy industry rates for personal travel at zero markups and zero commission, direct deals from operators; it’s a win-win for all parties

*D2C e-commerce is a digital business model where the manufacturer and/or producer sells products directly to consumers from their web store.

About Equator

Travel Trade Marketplace is headquartered in Singapore with a travel licence issued by the Singapore Tourism Board and is a member of various travel trade associations in the region. 

The Equator brand serves the tourism sector, while Equinox serves other industries. It provides a safe and secure platform for intra and inter-industry trading, collaboration and marketing. Hotels can connect via over 60 channel managers, and airlines can distribute via its NDC-enabled system. 

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Equator initially focuses on hospitality

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